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community, devotion, nature
and joy.

This is your invitation to connect; to reset; to try a new way of living…

Yoga Retreats at Villa Pravernara

Our yoga, movement and meditation retreats are week-long immersions held by highly experienced teachers in our majestic villa in the north Italian countryside. Designed for a range of yoga experience levels, taught in multiple languages and priced to suit varied budgets.

We yearn to try out a different approach to life;
a slower, more conscious,
MORE connected way of living.

We are firm believers that a consistent, committed spiritual practice (sādhana) in good and virtuous company (saṅgha) can lead to us realizing we are more than this body and this mind, with its constant wanting for pleasure and avoidance of pain, which leads to all sorts of numbing behaviors: shopping things we don’t need, eating foods that are not good for us, blaming others for things that are going wrong in our lives.

Once we realize our True Self, which is light and joy, independent from outer circumstances and objects, we can find inner peace. And by creating a peaceful environment within ourselves, we might be able to recognize that Divine light that shines in us is also shining in every other being.

“Inhale, create space, exhale AND move deeper into the space.”

Villa Pravernara stands as a spacious, light and bright counterweight to compressed city life. We want you to be able to take a deep breath in, creating more space within, and exhaling, moving into that space.

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— Hafiz
The Sacred Dance For Life