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Shooting Stars: High Summer Jivamukti Retreat

Sheila Ilz van Hofen + Gunnhildur Harðardóttir

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We warmly invite you to the Soft Opening of Villa Pravernara.

Together we will inaugurate our freshly renovated villa. You will be the first to sleep in our newly acquired beds, to practice in the orangerie that was turned into a yoga shala and walk on surrounding grounds, exploring the hilly countryside of Piemonte.

Our Villa Pravernara founder Sheila and her dear friend Gunnhildur, both Advanced Jivamukti Yoga teachers from Berlin, are hosting this retreat together.

In the embrace of Italy's August warmth, our gathering unfolds beneath the high summer sky - the week of Perseiden, where shooting stars streak across the vastness above. The Perseiden comets leave trails of light across the darkened sky, inspiring us to release our own wishes and intentions into the universe. 

Daily schedule

In the mornings, Sheila and Gunny will guide you through an extended morning practice, including talks about yogic philosophy and how it applies to everyday life, lots of mantra chanting, pranayama and meditation combined with an intense Jivamukti Yoga based asana practice.

The afternoons are dedicated to workshop-style formats where we dive deep into certain asana groups such as backbends or inversions, explore individual challenges in asana labs, but also turn towards more gentle practices such as grounding Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. On some evenings we gather to chant in a kirtan, there might be some dancing involved…

Our chef and co-founder Yona is offering nourishing, yet indulgent meals. He will also be offering a pasta workshop. Our dedicated student and artist Franziska Lutze is offering a creative workshop to connect to nature. Enjoy basking in the Italian sun, connect with like-minded people and walk around the magnificent surroundings of our villa. And, of course, we set aside an afternoon for a trip to the beach.

The highlight of our week together will be a cozy stargazing gathering to Perseiden night, celebrating the high summer, sending our wishes out into the universe and honoring the interconnectedness of all things.

The Perseiden night is a reminder that, just like the stars, we are all part of something much greater—a cosmic symphony playing out in the heart of August's warmth.

Are you ready to join our Italian adventure?

Please note: This is our soft opening, meaning things might not be running as smoothly and perfect as we’d wish them to. This is why special prices apply. We kindly ask you for patience with us and bring a sense of adventure!

Also note: This retreat is for Intermediate practitioners. Participants should have a consistent practice of Jivamukti Yoga or be familiar with Ashtanga Vinyasa or another Vinyasa style. If you are unsure about it, feel free to reach out.

With Sheila and Gunny

Sheila Ilz van Hofen

Sheila is a 800+hrs certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, teaching classes, workshops and retreats all over Europe. She is the founder of Villa Pravernara, currently dividing her time between Berlin and Italy.

Sheila always teaches from what she experiences in her own daily practice. For her, the physical asana practice is a gateway to explore the depths of being human. On the mat, we can meet our fears with kindness and look them in the eye without running away. She strongly believes the practices of yoga to be a transformative tool to cultivate awareness and compassion towards ourselves, others and our planet. 

Expect a dynamic and sweaty practice, intelligent sequencing paired with a carefully selected soundtrack, combined with chanting, pranayama and meditation. Her compassionate and kind approach infuses every aspect of her teaching, from skillful, yet non-intrusive hands-on assists, beautiful chanting to individual instructions for all levels of experience.

In Sheila's classes, a steady rhythm prevails as she guides students through breath, movement, and their interconnectedness. This rhythmic harmony fosters a deeper connection between body and mind, creating an immersive experience for every practitioner in the room. 

Continuing to be a dedicated student herself, Sheila passionately studies and practices all facets of yoga.

Gunnhildur Harðardóttir

Gunnhildur is a dedicated yoga student as well a student of feminine mysticism and nature herself.

She is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher and Advanced Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher and a practitioner of the Ashtanga Yoga method. She feels deeply that through practice and the study of scriptures with a deep longing in one’s heart, the great mystery starts to reveal herself to us, uniquely to each one.

By practicing daily she has tremendous trust in the healing power and transformational potential the practices of Yoga have.

Her classes are demanding, with a fierce and gentle touch in equal parts. Gunni loves sharing the benefits of yoga practices with her students in that, by focusing on conscious breathing, we can actively take charge over our own energy; in turn, healing can happen, further strengthening who we are.

She is very grateful for all the teachers who have supported her and guided her along the way.

Retreat includes

Not included

10-16 August 2024
German, English
VILLA Pravernara, Italy
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A typical day at Villa Pravernara:

  • 08.00 — Tea, coffee, fruit
  • 08.30 — Meditation, Pranayama
  • 09.00 — Extended Morning Practice
  • 11:00 — Brunch
  • Mid-day — Free time, optional workshops, massages, excursions
  • 15.00 — Light snack 
  • 16.00 — Afternoon Practice
  • 19.30 — Dinner

Schedule might vary slightly and is subject to change.

Arrival & Departure

Arrival day: Check-in from 16.00.
Departure day: Usually no yoga class;' 9.00 breakfast; Check out until 11.00

What to bring:

  • Yoga equipment is available at our retreat location, however, if you prefer on to practice on your own mat, bring it with you
  • Towels and bed linen are available
  • Bring a beach/pool towel
  • Comfortable clothes suitable for movement and yoga and for the seasonal weather. In the summer it is usually hot and dry, but it can be a bit chilly from March to June and occasionally in October. You can check the weather report beforehand.
  • Shoes suitable for country walks
  • Personal toiletries, eg shampoo, shower gel etc. 
  • Insect repellent
  • Cash in Euros for excursions, snacks, treatments and meals out

We’ll let you know again what’s good to bring a few days before your retreat.